Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli


a full website and innovative order form

I had the pleasure to work with Qordoba, one of the fastest growing start-up in the Middle East. They introduce themselves better than I could do:

Qordoba is a Dubai based localization, translation and language services company. Qordoba works with hundreds of leading content creators in 30 countries to produce high quality documents and materials for its clients. Qordoba's human and web based workflows approach to language services optimizes the delivery of high quality translation in near-real time environements! Qordoba's web based model ensures that the right person works on the right job.

The brief was to completely revamp their branding, web presence and online model. Before we started, most of their clients were local/regional ones that were really happy with the service but still, the company wasn't reaching any new potential customers outside the Middle East. Our goal was to make the website trustworthy, comprehensive and come up with an innovative way to order human-powered translations through a simple order form (see above).